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    God wants marriage to be a joy and blessing, yet all too often couples experience pain and conflict. The good news is God has outlined the principles necessary for a flourishing, lasting relationship in His Word. In Marriage God’s Way, Pastor Scott LaPierre presents the biblical principles every couple needs to know and follow.

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    The perfect companion to Marriage God’s Way. The Marriage God’s Way Workbook will help couples apply the biblical principles outlined in Marriage God’s Way. Ideal for engaged couples, newlyweds, and marriage veterans. Also a great tool for couples counseling, small group or church settings.

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    ARE YOU FIT TO BE TIED? In this message, wives will find an encouraging word and husbands will find uplifting insights that will help you strengthen the life-long commitment you’ve made. Adrian Rogers will use examples from God’s Word to show you how to be a fit mate and have an everlasting, enjoyable relationship with your spouse!

    MARRIAGE: DUEL OR DUET? Dr. Rogers points out whether or not you have confrontations with your spouse is not the most important issue...How you handle confrontations is. He’ll show you the seven deadly games that “real-life” married people play...games that you’ll want to avoid when dealing with disagreements.

    DON’T DISINTEGRATE. COMMUNICATE. The most important thing to have in a Christian home, other than a love for the Lord, is communication. In fact, most of the insight found in the Book of Proverbs has to do with how we speak and listen to one another.

    HOW TO PUT MEANING IN YOUR MARRIAGE BY ADRIAN ROGERS. It’s true that after a while you and your spouse can get so used to one another…so caught up in the day-to-day routines and so distracted that you may lose sight of just how much your mate means to you. It only takes one crisis, some catastrophe to realize it. Don’t let that happen. Dr. Rogers brings a refresher course so that you can communicate love to your spouse effectively.

    MARRIAGE IS FROM HEAVEN. Adrian Rogers says the reason we have so many failed marriages is that we've thrown away the original plan God has given. Most marriages in America need two funerals and one wedding, where both husband and wife die to themselves and come alive to Jesus Christ.

    SUPER GLUE MARRIAGES. Broken homes and broken lives are pretty much the norm these days. Almost every family has been touched in some way by divorce. Listen today as Adrian Rogers shares timeless principles you can use to hold your home together.