• Christian Marriage Counseling

    Christian Marriage Counseling

    Resolve problems while learning to communicate in a way that is safe and loving. Marriage counseling is tailored to the needs of the husband and wife, and incorporates a unique process to help couples transition into and walk in their God-ordained roles as husband and wife for a strong, unified marriage.

    “… a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”
    — Ecclesiastes 4:12

    Helping couples develop respectful and responsible communication is a core function of the marital counseling process. Couples learn to express their concerns and perspectives regarding difficult topics with a goal toward seeking understanding and resolution.

    Couples will also explore the fundamentals of seeking and granting forgiveness for past hurts and indiscretions in an effort to rebuild trust so the marriage can be fully restored and continue to grow in a way that glorifies God and is a witness to help others. Some of the challenges we will work together on are issues related to:

    • Communication
    • Resolving Conflict
    • Reconciling from Separation
    • Building Intimacy (emotional, physical, and spiritual)
    • Parenting Differences
    • Blended Family Challenges
    • Meeting Needs

    Together, we can help you strengthen your marriage for the glory of God!